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We love collaboration, through collaboration we create synergies. And through synergies, we can do so much more, than you and me alone.

You think more people should know about our amazing events in Vienna? We would like to work with you. Let’s get started and become our promoter for Latin am Fluss and collect not only free passes, but also other special offers. We work differently. We have a point system to make the process more transparent and value your time.

Promote us

Volunteer with us

Would you like help us in the organization, make airport runs to pick up our artists, build up or dismantle, decorate or stand at the entrance counter to welcome our guests? Your support is always welcome.

Share your passion to build relationships.

In return, our aim is to provide the best possible experience for each of our volunteers

Showcase your product or event

Our event in SO/VIENNA is the perfect opportunity for you to promote your event or to have a booth to showcase your product to our guests.

No flyers or banners are allowed to be placed without permission. If we find flyers at the event, we will charge you 50,-. 

We love to offer you the possibility to promote your event on our TV screens in the rooms. Amount €100,- for 2 days screen presence. 

Contact us for a successful cooperation.


What are the benefits of a financial support?

Sponsorship means to us that we make sure that you get back more than you have put in. Why?

Because we work like this. We see your sponsorship as an investment. We grow so you should benefit too.

We are a professional platform for your brand, targeting different audiences with different backgrounds and interests. We offer visibility, strengthening of your brand loyalty through various creative tools - digitally and on-site at the event. We would be happy to sit down with you to discuss a sponsorship package tailored to your needs.

Collaborate With Us

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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